Fitness Speed Jump Rope


Understanding your need for speed, a product revolutionizing jumping rope forever, Fitness Speed jump rope is the need for every home work out kit.

With a rapid smooth rotation and an increased number of jumps with every twist of the hand, the Fitness Speed jump rope will make sure that you choose the pace of your work out. 

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Equipped with smooth 90-degree vertical ball bearings, the coordination of hands and feet is now complemented with the speed that it deserves.

The perfect anti-slip handle and the better gripping layout will make sure that you maintain the perfect hold even during the most intense workouts.

Improve your fitness and enhance your body without even stepping out of the house, with just the perfect partner to help you decide your muscle engagement. 

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With two different rope options of 2.5 mm and 4mm, this jumping rope takes into account your work out needs.

Develop footwork and get more from your workout with the tool that molds according to your needs. 

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Benefits of Fitness Speed jump rope:

  • Smooth 90-degree vertical ball bearings for strain less spinning
  • Smooth rotation for a better workout
  • Unique anti-slip handle for perfect grip
  • Adjustable screw to find just the right height for you
  • Knurled nut for optimal fixation of the adjusting screw
  • Robust cable protector for sturdy use
  • Appropriate workout buddy on smooth floors, plastic courts, and outdoor grass

Tone your body and lose weight in a more efficient manner with a friend that helps you be the best you can.

Find the pleasure of jumping rope with a rope that adjusts to your needs. Make every jump count with the self-locking jump rope and make every workout productive. 

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Every Jump is a rhythm from the wrist to the whole body and Fitness Speed jump rope will make sure the rhythm is just right. 

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