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Forget losing your phone in the mess on your desk. A brand new product in the market, this universal mobile phone holder will convert any flat surface into a mobile holding station making sure that your phone is always in front of your eyes. 

Made with high-tech nanomaterials, this magical holder can be used and reused according to your need.

Providing you the mode tidy and efficient desk your work deserves, with a strong adhesive you can use this product for more than just your phone.

A waterproof friend, this device can withstand repeated washing to wash away the dirt and reset the adhesive strength.

Driving, working, or simply watching a movie, the universal phone holder will make sure that you don’t have to worry about holding your phone steady. 

Features of Floveme Universal mobile phone holder:

  • With a strong absorption force, the mobile holder is made to be used and reused
  • Strong adhesive will make sure your phone doesn’t drop
  • Tidy and efficient functioning
  • No trace or residue after use
  • Supports repeated washing
  • Can work with many plain surfaces including
    • Wall surface-PVC or Plastic based paints
    • Mirror surface/Dressing room
    • Wood surface/Desk table
    • Plastic surface/ Steering wheel
  • Can be used as a phone holder as a horizontal working device

Free both your hands while keeping your phone and keys insight, this nanomaterial-made phone holder will make sure that you can give all to your work without having to worry about losing your essentials.

The perfect partner while driving, GPS is now easier than ever to follow with your phone right on the steering wheel. 

Give your 100% to life without the anxiety of losing your essentials.