Table Tennis Net

 The decider in every friendly game of table tennis, the net has now become portable. The best product in the market, this portable tennis net can clip on to any table board and give you the court to prove your skills. 

With a retractable net and a spring clip functioning, this device works with an easy to install and easy to remove functioning making it a parent favorite.

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With this portable and lightweight solution, practicing the serve with the wall is ever the more serious.

With its damping protection system, this TT net means business and would not be tangled or lose the elasticity crucial for playing.

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A perfect partner to tag along for a weekend with friends, this professional net with not only improve your game but also work in impressing your peers. 

Features of Table tennis net:

  • Made with high-grade polyester
  • Durable design and functioning
  • A damping protection system to maintain the virility of the net
  • Telescopic design making it easy to carry and operate
  • Works with every table side 
  • Strong pit slide table clip
  • High strength wire for strong resistance playing

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Don’t let the player in you be stopped at anything, with the new portable Table Tennis net make every table in your house the perfect TT table.

A party with friends, a serious game to settle a bet, or simply practicing your serve, this net will make sure that you don’t have to worry about the perfect court for your games. 

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Game, practice, or simply entertainment, make your house the perfect hangout spot with just one right choice. 

375x387 (760x784)
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