Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse

A new addition in the wireless world of the future, this fully compatible multi-system universal keyboard is the key to a better operation across devices.

Providing a one-stop solution to the control of every device in your home, this keyboard along with the mini-mouse works for TVs, AIO, laptops, desktops, and even TV boxes. 

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Bid farewell to the tangle of wires clogging up the corners of your house with a better and smarter alternative.

Wired up with Responsive Transmission stability, this device works with a transmission distance of 10M.

Work from the comfort of your bed with the slim and silent partner helping you control every device you want without any wires or movement.

Wireless Mini Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse Combination Kit Sale ...

A simple battery-operated friend with a waterproof design, this keyboard is designed to make your life much easier. 

      Benefits of Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse :

  • Armed with non-slip mats for better hand settling
  • 12 multimedia shortcut keys for one-click control
  • Slim design 
  • Armed with responsive transmission stability with a transmission distance of 10M
  • One-stop solution to all devices connecting with TV, Laptop, Desktop, and even TV boxes
  • Low warning indicator on the front to prevent dying battery overlooks
  • Four different color options to match up to your personality
  • Waterproof exteriors so that spills don’t affect your work

A simple solution to control all your devices without any fuss, this keyboard will make sure that your life doesn’t revolve around wires and limitations.

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A device to augment your working potential while taking care of your comfort, this is one device that justifies its worth as soon as you get it.

A brilliant waterproof design, this keyboard will make sure that your work is stopped at no cost. 

Welcome the future of full control in life with the full control of your devices in just one simple click. 

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