Disposable Soap Paper

Ever found yourself stuck in the public washroom without having a good soap to clean your hands?

Well, we have just the product to make sure that it would not happen again. The perfect Disposable soap paper in a small reusable plastic container makes sure that your cleanliness is not compromised with under any situation. 

Mini Hand Soap Paper (20pcs/box) – The 1990 Days

Useful design and high-quality product, this disposable soap paper is the perfect confluence point of functionality and convenience.

With a single pack containing around 20 pieces one single packet can make sure of your cleanliness for an entire trip out with friends, or even a solo trip out to the mountains. 

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With a number of cute color options, the soap paper is loaded with disinfecting properties making sure that no virus or bacteria can sneak up to your hands after the wash.

A brilliant addition in your daily handbag, the disposable soap paper makes sure that you are never left with unclean hands no matter wherever you are. 

Benefits of Disposable Soap paper

  • Useful and functional design that works well in everyday life
  • An easy addition to your daily bag providing all-round protection at every location
  • A single sheet of Disposable soap paper is enough for one complete handwash
  • A brilliant product to take to camping and hiking trips
  • Disinfectant properties block the transmission of any nasty bacteria or viruses
  • Comes in delightful small reusable plastic boxes shaped as soap holders

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So whether you are worried about the cleanliness of your child’s hands before she eats her lunch in the school after an hour in the playground, or worried about the nightmares of the public washroom, this disposable soap paper is the answer to all your worries. 

20PCS Travel Soap Paper Washing Hand Bath Clean Scented Slice ...

Get a personalized guarantee of health with the perfect partner to make sure that every handwash is as clean as it gets!

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