Adhesive Seal Strip

Are you tired of half-open doors that leak out all the cold air of your AC? Or are you tired of noisy roommates?

Or simply irritated with all the dust gathering at the foot of your door due to the larger gap. We have the solution to every single one of these problems with a simple Adhesive seal!

Self Adhesive Caulk Strip – supdealshop

The perfect tape to soundproof your room, this Adhesive Seal Strip can be used for a number of things.

Whether you want to weather-strip your place or want to stop tiny pests from entering your home from under the gap of your doors, the Adhesive Seal is a simple yet effective solution to all these problems with blocking and sealing technique like no other. 

Self-Adhesive Weather Stripping Under Door Draft Stopper Window ...

An effortless product, the Adhesive seal Strip works with an undemanding stick and press technology that makes it an easy installation you can do on your own. 

Benefits of Adhesive Seal Strip :

  • Made with high resistance silicone rubber making sure to avoid early whither. 
  • Suitable for all kind of doors and windows in your house
  • 3 different sizes to make sure that all surfaces are covered
  • Perfect to avoid indoor dust, window leaks, excessive noise, indoor pests or even closed aging of your doors
  • Perfect temperature stabilizer keeping the outside heat or cold outside
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly material along with excellent flexibility making it good for family use. 
  • Easy installation model with a paste and press design

1 Pcs Self Adhesive Seal Strip 1M Silicone Door Window Draught ...

An impressive little product to make sure that your home is your perfect little bubble, this adhesive seal to keep out everything of the outer world outside.

An easy solution to all your problems, make your house a home with the perfect product to protect it. 

1 Pcs Self Adhesive Seal Strip 1M Silicone Door Window Draught ...

Keep your life in your home away from your life outside, literally! 


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