Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The perfect new partner for your morning asanas, a slip-free yoga mat with tactile process upgrades is everything that your yoga routine is missing.

Complete with Position lining along with high rebound feedback, Non -Slip Yoga mat thanks to its sustainability will make sure that your yoga sessions go tension free. 

A Must-Have Travel Workout With No Equipment

This sturdy mat comes with a double-sided grain design making sure that the contact surface is more slip-resistant.

Understanding the needs of the public the experts have designed this masterpiece with a double layering technique with an odorless and safe glue, Dirty, and easy to clean surface and thermal bonding technology.

30 At-Home Workout Moves: 20-Minute Set, All Levels, Without Equipment

This makes the Non-Slip Yoga mat, one of the kind in the market just waiting to add to your collection.

6mm Thick TPE Yoga Mat with Position Line 183*61cm Non Slip Carpet ...

Benefits of Non-Slip Yoga Mat:

  • Non-slip built to improve performance
  • Soft, affixed and titled ground 
  • Improved aesthetics with a double color design
  • A lightweight product for easy storage
  • Highly environment-friendly
  • Resilient design for sturdy use
  • Good elasticity built for better stretching function
  • Position lining for beginners to master the poses

Developing a habit takes 21 days, and starting yoga has never been easier. With a comprehensive guide to a better understanding of the poses, learning from YouTube videos is now a whole lot easier.

1830*610*6mm TPE Yoga Mat with Position Line Non Slip Carpet Mat ...

With a better positioning, high quality, and simple slip-free technology,  these yoga mats come with an environmentally positive composition, making sure that both you and the earth are healthier from here on out.