Breathable non-slip gloves

Feel and grip in exercise are very important and these breathable nonslip gloves provide you just that.

A revolutionary new product in the professional women fitness sports, these gloves are made up of mesh cloth and super fiber cloth to make sure that sweat doesn’t slow you down. 

Working with a breathable along with non-slip technology, these gloves will make sure that your work out experience is not slowed down by sweaty hands.

A step forward into women’s fitness, they are made up of silica gel non-slip material to improve your hold on the dumbbells.

With improved friction and a stronger grip along with elastic bracers to help the gloves take and maintain the shape of your hands, these gloves welcome you to a world where working out has never been more efficient. 

Benefits of breathable nonslip gloves:

  • Palm non-slip silicone material to provide better grip
  • Wear-resistant super fiber cloth for sturdy use
  • Back breathable mesh cloth for better ventilation
  • Stronger grip for better functioning
  • Half-finger gloves made to improve grip
  • High standard process manufacturing 
  • Quick pull design without the hassle of straps
  • Elastic bracers for better shape adjustment
  • Thumb wipe sweat towel

Step into the world of working out, without sweaty hands or weary gloves. With this novel advent in the world of women fitness, welcome a new friend for your daily work out sessions.

Whether you're looking for comfort or someone to hold your hand during light, medium, or heavier work applications, this perfect glove for you is there to help you with everything.

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